Friday, 18 October 2013

Pretenders T.V serial set in 1685

1972 and HTV bring out a children's serial called Pretenders.
Pretenders was a 13 episode British television series produced by Harlech Television (HTV) in the UK in February 1972 on ITV. Pretenders was filmed in Somerset, England and Wales.
The 13-part historical adventure series (set in 1685) with a factual background starring Frederick Jaeger as a German mercenary who assists Elam (Curtis Arden), a boy who believes he is the illegitimate son of The Duke Of Monmouth, who in turn is the illegitimate son of Charles II and therefore claims to be rightful heir to the throne. The series followed their various adventures, leading up to the climactic battle of Sedgemoor, the last battle on English soil.
This was repeated in 1985 in time for the 300th anniversary on most ITV networks.
Rumours circulate of it being released on Betamax video but I have never been able to establish this, nor if the series has been lost/wiped or forgotten in an archive.
It seems to have disappeared into thin air.
If they can find lost Dr Who's there is hope. So any information on this please contact me.
On the subject of Dr Who, I once new the writer of two episodes of Pretenders who also wrote for Dr Who and is credited with helping to create K-9!
Dave Martin was his name a most fascinating man to talk with over a pint in the George Hotel Bridport, sadly he passed away a few years back and although talking to him about Pretenders it never cropped up about whether the series had ever been put on video for public release.

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    I contacted ITV Wales about the Pretenders series and I got this encouraging reply, now how do I go about obtaining a copy?

    Just to say that all the Pretenders programmes are nice and safe in the ITV Collection!
    Film copies are with myself in National Library of Wales. Tape /One inch copies will be held at ITV Central Libraries in Leeds
    Owain Meredith
    Archifydd ITV Cymru
    Archivist ITV Wales