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Monday, 7 October 2013

All a question of scale....

I have been searching around for figures but more importantly scale is an issue as the eyes are not as sharp as when I first started painting 40 years ago.
So 6mm was soon discounted. I looked long and hard, excuse the pun at the fine 10mm League of Augsburg range from Pendraken they are very tempting a possible paint but I know my eyes will find it a strain. So either 15mm or 25/28mm. Well I once painted both armies for a Sedgemoor project in 28mm mainly Dixon and Essex, 20 years ago they seemed more affordable, the Dixon and Essex moulds are still the same so now look dated, as for the latest 28mm manufacturers in this range, price is a major factor and one producer was only casting to order so delivery time would become another factor here. That left me with 15mm and with scale creep that's almost 20mm.
So I looked around. Essex, Irregular, Magistar all pushed some buttons but then I discovered Lurkio miniatures. New to me and a nine years war range in big chunkey 15mm ready made units....
I'M SOLD! so an order will be placed.


  1. Lurkio figs are quite nice, they do have what seems to be an ever expanding range as well. I'll look forward to your progress!

  2. A good choice regards scale (though I paint a lot of 6mm) I find 10mm to have as much detail as the older 15mm ranges and as such I tended to spend as much time on the 10mm as I would the 15mm so I have been put off 10mm